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Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration begins on February 1st for students born on or before September 1, 2012. Students must register at their home school.  Transition kindergarten students, born on 09/02/12 to 12/02/12, need to contact the district office. (650-877-8744)


   The February window for transfers is closing next week. Intra-district and Inter-district transfers must be renewed. If your child attends MV on an Open Enrollment, then a transfer renewal is not necessary. Information and renewal forms are available on the district website (http://ssfusd.org) or from Attendance and Welfare at the district office. If you have questions regarding your status or the process for transfers, call 877-8838. 

    If your fifth grader is here on an Open Enrollment or Intra-district transfer, you must reapply for the next level. The transfer is only for MV. For example, if you would like your child to attend Westborough, and it is not your home school, then a new transfer is necessary.

Feast of Nations

Thank you for attending the combined Feast of Nations and Founder’s Day celebration. We had a wonderful event. The cafeteria was full of families sharing food from their cultures and we were able to honor past service award recipients. This year’s Educator Award was presented to Becky Liu; Parent Volunteer Awards were presented to Carissa Hong and Victoria Lau; Community Member Award was presented to Kendall Dimery. Thank you Nixora Hernandez Fermán for coordinating the Founder’s Day portion of the evening, coordinating the Feast of Nations and organizing the volunteers. Thank you to Athena Amores and her group for entertaining us with their dance performance. The teachers also need to be acknowledged for serving us. The event was a success because of all who attended and participated.  Everyone ate well and had a great time!

EL Students

Parents of English Learners will be receiving notification of their child’s scores on the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) in the mail. One form needs to be returned to school with your signature. To avoid too much confusion, the form has been highlighted. 

School News

First Day of School:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


School Hours:


Grades 1-5         8:30- 2:45

Kindergarten      8:30-12:30 for dates 8/17/16- 8/26/16;   8:30-1:30 for dates 08/29/16-06/01/17

Minimum days   8:30-1:01


Collaboration Wednesdays:

Beginning Wednesday, September 7th, every Wednesday dismissal will be at 1:45. The three exceptions will be September 28, March 8  and May 31 , which are scheduled as 1:01 dismissal. This Collaboration time will allow the teachers to meet together to plan lessons implementing the Common Core State Standards.


Staff Development Day:

November 1st will be a non-student day.



Attendance is a key part of student academic success. When your child is not at school they are missing important information that may not be made up with a written assignment. 

If your child is sick, please keep them at home and notify the office. To report your child’s absence call 877-8838, please state the child’s name, teacher’s name, and the reason for absence. Please send a note to the office on the first day that the student returns to school. If we do not hear from the family, the student will be marked unexcused. Unexcused absences are counted towards truancy. Renewals of transfers are dependent on attendance and the number of tardies.

We recommend that appointments are scheduled during non-school hours. However, if you need to pick up your child during school hours, please come to the office and sign your child out. If the office staff is not familiar with the person coming to the office, the person will need to show identification.



We prefer that vacations/ travel plans are not scheduled during school hours. However; if vacations are taken during scheduled school days, parents should write a letter and receive the principal’s approval before the vacation, so that the absence is considered “other.” If approval is not received in advance the absence will be marked as “unexcused.” Three unexcused absences are considered truant.


School Rules:

The students of the school are expected to follow the four school rules:

Be kind

Be Safe

Respect others and their property

Do your best at all times



Only parents that have been cleared by our District Office will be allowed to volunteer. For the safety of all our children and per district policy, regular volunteers and field trip drivers are asked to complete a School Volunteer Application district form, sign a Code of Conduct, submit a copy of their current driver’s license, submit the TB form, and be fingerprinted. MV parents will be approved as Level 4 volunteers, so that they may drive on field trips. Please begin the process by completing an application packet, sending a copy of your driver’s license and TB form to our MV office. The principal will then send you to have your fingerprints done locally. 


Parent Visitation:

Please make arrangements with the teacher in advance of your visit or when volunteering in the classroom. In order to keep the students of Monte Verde safe, we ask that all volunteers sign in at the office and obtain a visitor’s pass. If you need to deliver something to your child during the day, please bring it to the office and we will deliver it to the classroom.


Parking and Drop Off:

The parking lots are closed to traffic. The limited parking spaces in the lots are for staff members. The Red Zone is a no parking zone. Due to the design of the lot on Shannon, parents should not pull into the entrance to drop off students. The white zones are to be used for dropping off and picking up students. If you want to accompany your child to and from campus, we ask that you park on St. Cloud, Shannon and the intersecting streets. Students should use the gate on Shannon and avoid the driveway when coming in or out of school. Adults coming on campus to meet their children at the classroom should not arrive more than five minutes before dismissal. Parents are asked to share this information with the adult who comes to pick up your child.



If your child has medical concerns or allergies, please make sure that the office has the medication and Hold Harmless forms completed by both the parent and the physician. Medication and forms must be submitted together. Medication must be in the original prescription container, and should be in the office by the first day of school.


Subsidized Meal Program:

Please complete your applications for the Federally Funded Free/Reduced lunch program. The forms will be sent to your address. You may also apply online. The online application is easily accessible by going to the district website (www.ssfusd.org), clicking on the green icon “online meal application” and following the prompts. Students who participated in the program last year must reapply. Parents are responsible for charges incurred before students are accepted into the program.


The prices will remain the same as last year: $2.50 per hot lunch, reduced lunch price $.40 and milk sold separately for $.55.  Lunches may be paid in advance. Each child has an account and parents may access the balance, more details will be sent home with the website and student identification number.


Hip Pocket:

Parent information is sent home on Tuesdays.


Emergency Card:

Please complete an emergency card for your child ASAP. We rely on this card to notify you when there is a problem at school. Please include numbers of people you trust to pick up your child. Students will not be released to persons not listed on the card. For the safety of our students, identification will be checked.


Dress Code:

Clothing should be comfortable for physical activity with appropriate coverage of body parts. Shoes should be closed toe, and also appropriate for running and playing. Clothing and jewelry should not be distracting. Large jewelry should not be worn, especially earrings due to safety concerns.

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Hillside Preschool Program

Hillside Preschool Program Flier.jpg

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Today: 5/29/17

Dates to Remember

02-22   Teacher Collaboration- 1:45 Dismissal

02-24   Tile Decorating Night

03-01    Teacher Collaboration- 1:45 Dismissal

03-02    PTA Meeting-6:30 Library

03-06 to 03-10 Conference Week 1:01 Dsimissal

03-15     Restaurant Night- El Tesoro Taqueria